Loans for All Clients

Four Types of Corporate Lending

Investment Loan

To acquire both tangible and intangible investment assets.

Real Estate Loan

For real estate developments intended for resale.

Project and Developement Financing Loan

To finance the development of rental properties.

Working Capital Loan

For day-to-day business activities.

Key Benefits

We can offer you an individual solution tailored to your needs with no hidden fees.

  1. Interest Rates from 3.48% p.a.

    Attractive and competitive interest rates.

  2. Terms Up to 15 Years

    Select the right term for you.

  3. LTV Up to 90%

    An exceptional market rate.

  4. No Hidden Fees

    Straightforward and transparent services.

  5. Fast and Individual

    Quick approvals and tailored conditions.

  6. Broad Security Options

    Using residential, commercial, or other property.

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