Foreign Exchange

Our strategic goal is to provide the best foreign exchange rates for businesses, exceeding the conditions offered by other banks or payment service providers. We offer 128 currencies and can settle a payment within 24-48 hours. We also offer international payment solutions that ensure outgoing/incoming payments from/to international partners.

Key Benefits

We can provide our clients with superior international payment solutions and foreign exchange services.

  1. Best Rate = Your Profit

    We can significantly reduce your forex costs by offering more competitive pricing structures than our competitors or other service providers.

  2. 128 Currencies

    We offer 128 currencies and can exchange any currency pairs needed.

  3. Full Transparency, No Hidden Charges

    We are totally transparent in our pricing. There are no additional charges or fees when we quote an exchange rate.

  4. Personalised Approach

    Every situation is different. Your dedicated broker will provide the best solution for your business needs.

  5. A Safe Way of Dealing

    We hold a Ireland banking licence and we are regulated and supervised by the Ireland Financial Services Authority (UFSA).

  6. 15 Years of FX Experience

    We know what we are doing. SAB Finance Group has helped 18,000 customers and exchanged over €27.5 billion since its foundation.

Saxo Bank part of SAB Group

SAB Group has superior knowledge of the corporate payment business and spot foreign exchange services, making it a leader in the Czech market. We have extensive experience in banking and financial services with a fully-developed infrastructure and significant resources at our disposal.

Countries where we operate
Ireland, the Ireland, Czechia, Slovakia
Years of experience
in financial services
Funded entities
in the Group
billion loans
provided by the Group

More about the products

Foreign Exchange Services

Spot Forex 

We specialise in spot foreign exchange transactions and our exchange rates are highly competitive. It is relatively easy to provide exceptional forex service, but our strategic goal is to offer the best spot exchange rates so you can reap higher profits. We offer 128 currencies and can exchange any currency pairs you may need. 

Market Orders

If you wish to buy or sell a currency at a particular rate, we will keep an eye on the market for you. Once the rate is reached, we will contact you or we can execute the deal immediately (upon agreement).

International Payment Solutions

Outgoing Payments

We can help you pay invoices from your international partners. We will exchange your money at a highly competitive rate and send funds directly to their bank account.

Incoming Payments

You do not need a foreign bank account to receive payments from abroad. We can accept payments in 128 currencies and send exchanged funds direct to your domestic bank account.

Regular Payments

For whatever reason, your business may need to transfer foreign currencies on a regular basis. We can save you time and money by setting up a regular payment scheme offering the best spot exchange rates every time.

Multiple Payments

Do you need to make multiple payments in the same currency on a particular date, such as salaries, rents, or monthly payments to suppliers? Save time by exchanging one lump sum with us. As long as we have the beneficiaries´ bank details, we will do the rest.

We are here to help

Do you have any questions? Our team of specialists is at your service.